What Foods Have Good Source Of Vitamin D?

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 29, 2020

Many people in India are affected by the deficiency of Vitamin D today. There is a lot of vitamin D deficiency in children. The best source of vitamin D deficiency would have been sunlight, but it is not possible to get sunlight in today's part-filled lifestyle. Often people are not able to take vitamin D because they are not aware of the sources of vitamin D. 

How To Get Vitamin D?

  • You can include fish in your diet to overcome vitamin D deficiency. Salmon and tuna fish are good sources of 'Vitamin D'. 
  • Drink milk daily to overcome vitamin D deficiency. Milk is a good source of Vitamin D. About 20 per cent of your daily vitamin D needs can meet milk.
  • Include eggs in vitamin D diet. Eggs have their place in healthy nutrition. Along with many nutrients, the egg is also rich in vitamin D. Keep in mind that egg yolk itself contains vitamin D.
  • Who does not know that orange is perfect for our health. Oranges contain many nutrients. And the good thing is that on one side you can take vitamin C from orange, while it is also rich in vitamin D.
  • Mushrooms can be included in the diet for vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in plenty in mushrooms. Add mushrooms in the menu for vitamin D.

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