Wearing A Mask? Here's How Can You Keep Your Skin Safe

Skin CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 28, 2020

People were locked in their homes because of the spread of the coronavirus, and if they had to come out, then people are wearing face masks. But due to wearing face masks (for long hours), many skin problems can occur. Applying a face mask regularly causes perspiration and also rubs continuously. Today we will tell you about the issues caused by face masks and how to avoid them. Problems with face masks? People sweat more if they wear the mask. In such a position, a person may have a bacterial infection due to excessive sweating. Apart from this, some people get itching, rashes, pimples, dermatitis and dryness due to the face mask cloth. How To Take Care Of Your Skin? Using moisturizer locks skin moisture and stops skin pores due to oil, reducing sebum formation. By doing this, the question of pimples is also reduced. If you are forced to wear a mask, then you should change your cover in 6-8 hours and keep sweating your mouth.

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