Want To Know How To Delay Or Prepone Periods? Check Out These Useful Ways

Women's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 09, 2020

There are times when you might feel the need to delay or prepone your periods and there are ways to do so. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dr. Nupur Gupta, Director, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Fortis Hospital, Gurugram about this. Here are some ways to delay your period dates: 

1. Aloepathic medicine

Aloepathic medicine, which are also known as hormonal pills can be used for this purpose. These are also of two types. Doctors advise you not to take these pills on your own. The most important thing is that it is not an "over the counter" pill so that you're safe from its side effects and your reproductive system is not harmed. So, always consult with your gynaecologist about when to start this medication, when to end it, so that you know what kind of side effects you might get which might be the sign of the hormonal imbalance. It is understandable why people want to delay their periods ad your body feels a certain amount of discomfort, physical healthy alterations,  mood swings, bloating sensation and you would want to prevent that.

2. Regestrone or norethisterone

This is given three days prior to your expected period. This medicine needs to be continued till the time you want delay your periods. The day you stop this medication, you get your period after about two days of that. 

3. Oral contraceptive pill 

People who want to prepone or postpone their period for a longer period of time then the combined hormonal pill which is known as oral contraceptive pill is given. This consists of both estrogen and progesterone. This is a pack for 21 days. It can be continued for 42 days without a gap of 7 days but again the most important factor is medical supervision. 

There are chances of side effects in some women after they prepone or postpone their period. For example, stomach pains, Heavy period, mood swings, change in menstrual cycle both in duration as well as length. If you have a medical history or family history of thrombosis or clotting disease or if you smoke or consume alcohol then it can be dangerous for you.

Scientifically proven, home remedies for period delays are not very useful. Natural ways like lemon juice+ water, gelatin+ water, vigorous exercise, vinegar+ water are not considered too helpful.This pre/postponing of period is known as medical menstruation in medical terms. It shouldn't be done in routine- just once or twice a year.

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