True Story: A Breast Removal Surgery, Chemotherapy And Radiation Gave Sukham A New Lease Of Life

Women's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 23, 2019

A young and vibrant girl, who was about to get married, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 27 when she was told that the growth in her breast was cancerous. Without wasting any time, she gathered the courage to get cured and consulted Dr Kanchan Kaur, Director, Breast Services, Cancer Institute Medanta - The Medicity. She was determined to get this cancer out of her body. For the same, she had to undergo a breast removal surgery as her cancer had spread, chemotherapy and a few sessions of chemotherapy as well. What made all the difference here was how fast Sukham was when it came to taking treatment. Without wasting any time, she received proper care, followed everything told by Dr Kanchan, and here she stands to be a breast cancer survivor.

On the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sukham shares how she fought breast cancer under the guidance of Dr Kanchan, and how early detection and treatment is essential for the gift of life.

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