Doctor-Verified Tips To Prevent COVID Infection From Affecting Your Lungs

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 05, 2021

Coronvirus infection affects the entire body and if it reaches the lungs, it can prove to be fatal. Thus, it is important to prevent it from reaching your lungs. It may sound impossible as how can one prevent the virus from reaching the lungs but this is possible if yo exercise right measures to control covid infection and preventing its spread to the lungs. Here is Dr. Pinak Pandya, Consultant- Department of Critical Care at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre telling you some ways to obstruct the path of coronavirus and save your lungs from getting infected by it.

To save your lungs, it is important that you identify the symptoms at the earliest. The sooner you detect symptoms, the better management can be done. According to Dr. Pandya, drinking enough water and keeping oneself hydrated is important. Besides, taking ample rest also helps in managing the condition and preventing it from spreading further. Many people panic after contracting the virus and that does impact their health.

Taking steam daily and doing gargle helps in eradicating the virus and easing symptoms of covid. This helps in preventing covid from becoming a serious disease.

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