What Is Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Know Its Causes and Tips for Prevention

Heart HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 04, 2021

Heart health is very important and critical because our heart is that one organ which can hamper health and functioning of others. If your heart stops working for any given reason, blood circulation would stop leading to malfunction and even death. Thus, we need to take heart health seriously and work to prevent heart conditions as much as possible. But, sometimes, despite taking all the necessary precautions, one may suffer from heart ailment and sudden cardiac arrest is one of them. It may give warning signs but that may not be possible in every case.

In this video, Dr. Aparna Jaswal, Director- Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute is tell what sudden cardiac arrest is and how it can be prevented. There are growig incidences if cardiac arrest in the young population. Sudden cardiac arrest can be fatal and someone who have got sudden cardiac arrest may even succumb to cardiac arrest. By targeting lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking and sedentary lifestyle, you can cut down the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

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