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Smokey eye look part - 1

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2015-05-18

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If you love giving your eyes a nicer look, you must have already tried to get the smokey eye. However, it's not all that easy to get the perfect smokey eyes, especially in summer. While the usual smokey eye with kohl is the most common one, adding a little colour adds more style and beauty to the eyes. To start, choose a base colour in the form of a gel liner. Apply the gel liner on the lids with the help of a small eye shadow brush. If you have to stay outdoors for long or if the weather is sultry, prefer applying a waterproof base colour. Blend it using a smudger brush. Blending is key. After you have blended well, apply translucent powder under the eyes. Now choose a second colour of your choice to define the look of your eyes. Take a paint pot of the chosen colour and blend it on the lids, slightly above the base colour. Gently blend it so it goes well along with the base colour. Also apply a hint of this colour under the lower eye lash. Apply a little bit of the powder to hide any fallout from under the eyes. Watch our expert Vidya Tikari do the smokey eye makeup to get the perfect look.
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