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Simple weight loss tricks for everyone

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-15T00:00:00+5:30
Being obese is not something people appreciate. Losing weight is the prime concern of most people around the world. Owing to the unhealthy lifestyle that people lead these days, obesity is the most common disease that people suffer from. The usually routine that people are accustomed to is getting up in the morning then rushing to work without having a proper breakfast and then working continuously for more than 8 hours, eating something extremely unhealthy while being seated on workstation, after spending entire day in one sitting position, and finally coming back home and this doesn’t end here, after getting back home people should have a proper dinner and go to bed for a sound sleep but instead people just stay up late. This entire routine is extremely unhealthy and the prime cause of obesity and then starts the struggle to get rid of that extra weight. Now, gaining weight with an unhealthy lifestyle is easy but the losing that same weight becomes an uphill task. Usually people go for starving, eating less when they try to lose weight but eating less doesn’t help, instead it aggravates the issues and also give birth to other health issues like fatigue, weakness, and irregular menstruation periods and so on. Losing weight by eating less can affect your health in long run and can have major impacts on your health. However, this video here shows the tricks that can help you lose weight in simple and easy way. 40 to 45 minutes of morning walk five days a week, addition of at least three fruits in your daily diet, two cups of green tea daily, dinner at a fixed time (nor too late, neither too early), try to enjoy your day as much as possible and you will see the difference.
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