Simple Vaginal Health Tips To Prevent Yeast Infection In Women

Women's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamFeb 04, 2021

Most women ignore intimate hygiene as they are unaware of its importance in their overall health and wellness. They take vaginal health for granted that makes them an easy target for yeast infections and other vaginal health issues. Yeast infections can happen to anyone but it is more common in women than men. When a woman has yeast infection, she experiences symptoms like itching, burning sensation, vaginal pain, etc. Upon seeing these symptoms, a woman must exercise some remedial options to alleviate the discomfort and treat yeast infection at home. Here are some tips for yeast infection prevention:

Avoid wearing tight underwear: Wear loose and cotton underwear(or a breathable fabric) as it reduces the risk of yeast infections by keeping the skin around the vagina dry.

Don't wear too tight clothes: Don't wear extra-fitted clothes as it is also a risk factor for yeast infection by increasing temperature and moisture around the vagina.

Never wear wet clothes: After exercising or swimming, change your clothes. Wearing wet clothes can breed infection-causing bacteria.

Avoid using scented vaginal products: These contain chemicals that can be harmful to vaginal health as these alter the pH level around the vagina. Use fragrance-free, organic products only.

These are simple tips to promote vaginal health that you must consider and follow to keep vaginal yeast infections at bay.

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