5 Signs And Symptoms Of Weak Immune System

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 14, 2020

Immunity was never as important as it is today. The coronavirus has spread the epidemic and has once again reminded the people about the total defence of health, that is, immunity. If there is a chronic disease or alcohol/cigarette addiction, then the immunity is bound to be weak. But if sleep is incomplete, and if you feel tired or stressed all the time, then you should understand that your immunity has become weak. Weak Immunity Symptoms: We sometimes fall ill when the weather changes, and it is mostly seen in the rainy season when often cold, and cough give us trouble. But if you are getting sick again and again, then understand that your immunity has become weak. Apart from this, if digestive problems often surround you, then the indications are that your immunity is weak.

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