Myth or fact: Should You Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Daily?

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 26, 2022

We all have grown up hearing drink at least eight glasses of water a day to maintain hydration. A lot of us follow this minimum 8 glasses of rule but is this right? If you have been believing this too, let us tell you whether it is a myth or fact.

The origin of this statement dates to advisory by the National Research Council's Food and Nutrition Board which states that for each calorie you consume, you are supposed to drink 1 ml of water. But is this for everyone across the board? Should everyone of any age follow this rule? Onlymyhealth reached out to Dr. Upasana Sharma, Head Nutritionist at Max Hospital, Gurugram to find if this is a myth of fact.

According to Dr. Sharma, how much water you need depends on your body weight, age and environment. Someone who lives in hot climates need to drink more water as compared to a person living in the hills. Similarly, a pregnant woman needs to consume more water whereas a clinically ill patient may have reduced water intake. This depends on your internal thirst or how thirsty you are feeling. Clearly, the doctor rules out the eight glass water a day rule! In a nutshell, a person should consume water as per their need. Watch this video for detailed information.