Is Winter Weight Troubling You? Try These Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss

AyurvedaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 08, 2020

Keeping a check on increasing weight is essential during winters. This season is such when we eat out hearts out, without worrying much about the increasing weight as we are covered in layers and layers of clothes. However, the most important is to understand the signs of weight gain. Many times people sweat in the gym for months but are not successful in losing weight. The Internet has massive searches on how to lose weight, but very few resorts to the Ayurveda way of losing weight. With exercise, diet is one of the best ways to control weight. Diet contributes to 70 per cent weight control and does not require anything extra or special. To help you lose the winter fat, Dr Ajay Saxena takes us all through some simple rules of Ayurveda to get rid of the excess weight. Also, understand how Ayurveda plays an essential role in keeping us healthy without making many alterations in our day-to-day life.

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