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How to treat prostate cancer

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2013-09-20
Once prostate cancer is detected it becomes very important to establish the stage of the prostate cancer. Depending upon the Gleason’s score and PSA, prostate cancer is further divided into low risk, intermediate risk and high risk. In low risk prostate cancer that is early stage prostate cancer T1 and T2A, the Gleason’s score is less than 6 and PSA less than 10 are treated either with active surveillance or using radio therapy. Intermediate prostate cancer can be treated with radio therapy in the form images guided radio therapy whereas high risk prostate cancer can be treated with radio therapy or prolonged anti androgen therapy. When it reaches to the stage of Meta static, where it goes to the other parts of the body organs like bones, radio therapy is used for palliation along with chemotherapy and anti androgen therapy. Watch this video to know how to treat prostate cancer.
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