Follow These Tips To Keep Urinary Tract Infections At Bay

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamFeb 26, 2021

Urine Infection Causes: Do you have a burning sensation and pain while urinating? Does blood also come in urine? Pus in the urine? Wants to urinate frequently, and when we do, does not the urine pass? These are symptoms of urinary infections. Loss of appetite and vomiting in young children are also symptoms of urinary tract infections. Many people also experience nausea during urine infection. If you are also suffering from a urinary infection problem, you can make some diet changes, which can give you relief. Tell us that this problem often increases in winter. For this, you can include some things in your diet that will provide you with comfort. Urinary infection symptoms are seen more in women than in men. Every woman has a urinary infection problem at some time in her life. Many women may also get this disease multiple times. Therefore, let us know which home remedies you can do for urination infection. Even in this video, you will learn about its tricks from the expert as well. Watch the full video to know.

  • During this time, you must drink lemonade. Squeeze the lemon in lukewarm water and drink it mixed with black salt and cumin powder. 
  • You will also benefit significantly by drinking carrot and beet juice. This will also provide relief in urinary infection. 
  • During this time, you should also take buttermilk. With this help, you will not have an irritation problem while passing urine. 
  • Berries juice provides excellent relief in urinary infection. For example, crane berry, blueberry, amla juice must be drunk at this time. 
  • Orange-seasonal juice is also beneficial in urinary infection. Do consume it.

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