How to integrate spirituality in everyday life

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 27, 2016

What is being spiritual?

The common notion about being spiritual revolves around going to temples, praying to almighty, practicing yogic postures. Usually people seeking spirituality turn towards such practices that includes summoning the divinity for half an hour a day, maybe more or maybe less but how long do they experience that presence of divinity? People are not aware of the fact that divinity or spirituality is not about praying, it is not just meditating for few minutes in a day, it is not about visiting temples. You need to understand that spirituality should reside within you, it should emit from your existence. Spirituality is not a practice, it is not an exercise, and spirituality certainly is not an activity but it is a way of life.   


How can you incorporate spirituality in your everyday life?

Spirituality does not come from meditations, practicing yoga or praying to god, spirituality is when you live every day with a spiritual attitude. You start your day with an aim of living a righteous day; you decide that you won’t be hurting anyone, you try and do your best in all circumstances and whatever you do, it has a constant remembrance of the divine. Your spiritual day is where you do not hurt anyone, where you do right things and avoid wrong deeds.