How To Identify If Your Immune System Is Weak? Here Are Some Tips

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 25, 2020

You must have realized the importance of immunity by now? Coronavirus, the deadly virus is attacking people with weaker immunity the most. Why? Since this is a virus, it can easily get into someone's body whose immune system is weak. Immunity is the body's defense against hostile viruses, bacteria, etc. that can cause infections and other diseases. It is very important to have a stronger immune system so that you can easily fight all kinds of autoimmune infections easily. This helps in warding off seasonal illnesses such as cold, cough and flu along with other serious viral infections. You must know of your immunity levels to find if you are safe from all these. If you easily get cough & cold as the season changes; if you fall ill frequently; if you get fever very often, your immune system is weak and you need to strengthen it. Eat immunity-boosting foods, drinks that can help your build your body's defense and keep illnesses at bay.

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