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How to get the no makeup look part - 2

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2015-05-18

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Looking beautiful without appearing to be wearing any makeup is what every woman is trying to achieve. And to get the perfect no-makeup look we told you what to start with in the previous video. Start with applying BB cream in your face, especially on spots and pimples. However, if you have skin problems and oily skin, avoid BB cream or apply only a hint of it. Once you are done with the cream, apply a concealer matching your skin tone with the help of a brush. Make sure you use a nice concealer brush that allows you gentle circular motions on the skin. It will enhance the look of your face as well as give it a uniform tone. After the concealer, you need to apply a translucent powder with the help of a brush. The powder will make sure your face looks natural without any extra shine. Get a lip and cheek tint of a colour that suits your skin tone. Go for a non-greasy tint during summer. With the help of your index fingers apply the tint on the cheek bones and lips. Blend the tint on the cheeks and lips with the help of a small buffing brush. Now it's time to concentrate on the eyes. Apply a hint of water proof paint pot with the help of your fingers or a small liquid blending brush. Apply a volumizing mascara using zigzag motion on the lashes and enhance the look of your brows with an eyebrow pencil. Don't apply too much of either since it has to look natural. Use a skin colored kajal instead of an eye liner to enhance the natural look of your eyes. Now all you need to finish this look is a fixing spray and a little bit of lip shine. Watch the video to learn these tricks from our makeup expert Vidya Tikari.
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