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How to get the no makeup look part - 1

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2015-05-15T00:00:00+5:30
Everyone wants to be beautiful and nothing feels better than being naturally beautiful. However, makeup plays a crucial role in highlighting your facial features and enhancing the nice nice parts. Although, it's obvious to expect a better look with makeup on, it's very common to want to look appear natural. That's the reason why the no makeup look has been so popular among women. Just the right amount of makeup that makes you look perfect without showing that you are wearing any makeup. To get the no makeup look start with a BB cream that has moisture and SPF in it. It will give you a dewy and shiny face that appears naturally fresh. Avoid BB cream if you have oily skin or have any underlying skin problem. Don't forget to apply the cream under the eyes, on spots and pimples. It will help you make them less visible. Then apply a nice concealer with a brush. Make clockwise and anti-clockwise gentle strokes to let the concealer spread nicely. Chose the brush you are comfortable with. Finally apply some translucent powder with the help of a latex sponge. It will give you a natural look after absorbing any extra moisture and shine. You are ready to get all the attention and admiration for your all natural look. Watch Vidya Tikari, makeup expert tell us the tricks to get the perfect no makeup look.
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