How To Differentiate Between Symptoms of Flu and COVID-19?

Women's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 21, 2020

The number of coronavirus-infected patients is rising continuously. Millions of people have gotten affected by this virus and a lot of them have lost their lives while battling COVID-10. This is a new virus that is causing massive damage to humankind. Vaccines are awaited but it would take longer for them to reach all the parts of the world. Till then, we can only try to prevent this infection by taking the necessary steps. However, one of the major problems is to identify the symptoms and differentiate the signs of COVID-19 from that of common cold & flu. We all know that most of the symptoms are the same and this is why people are unable to find out if they are infected with coronavirus or it is just cold due to seasonal changes. If you also confuse the symptoms of flu and COVID-19, know from Dr. Bela Sharma, Additional Director, Internal Medicine at Fortis Hospital, how to differentiate between them. Common cold, flu, coronavirus, swine, flu, all are viral infections that affect the respiratory system from nose to lungs. At the initial level, it is difficult to distinguish between the disease as all of them belong to the flu family with the same symptoms. Loss of taste and smell is one of the distinguishing symptoms of COVID-19. If someone in your family or in your neighbourhood has tested positive and you are showing symptoms of cold, it might be COVID-19. Refer to this video for more information.

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