How To Build Muscle And Gain Healthy Weight?

Weight ManagementBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 18, 2021

Healthy Weight Gain Tips: Many people in India are either overweight or obese or even more, and people are worried about being too thin. Just as being overweight is harmful; similarly, underweight can cause problems. People make fun of them because they are underweight. Not only that, but they also appear to be malnourished. It is as difficult as losing weight. In the same way, people have to face many troubles due to their weight loss.  If you think of gaining weight, you should include the right things in your diet.  Nowadays, people consume many types of supplements to increase their weight. But it is terrible for your health. If you want, you can eat other things instead.

  • Milk: Milk is also included in this list. Milk is a good option for weight gain, and its health benefits are well known. Milk is rich in calcium, protein, carbs and fat. It should be included in the diet when you are trying to gain weight. Milk also makes your bones and teeth healthy.
  • Nut Butter and Nuts: Nuts and nut kinds of butter are considered a healthy source of fats and help you gain Muscles. Whether you choose almonds, cashews or walnuts, these are all healthy options. You can consume mixed nuts to get different types of nutrients.
  • Rice: Rice is a carb-loaded and calorie-rich food, which can help you in increasing weight quickly. A cup of cooked rice contains lots of calories and carbs as well as less fat. The best part of it is that it is effortless to cook and eat it with any vegetable.

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