How to be always happy

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 05, 2016

The moment you wake in the morning, be prepared for all those emotions that might hit you during the day and know one thing that all these emotions won’t be of your choice. You will be angry, you will be upset, you will be sad and then you will be happy. If you manage to notice, the emotion that you appreciate the most is happiness. Of course, no one can deny the fact that being happy for is the best feeling ever. However, the life that we are living today, happiness has become a rare emotion that we get to feel. Work, personal relationships and other aspects of our life are so complicated and somewhat chaotic that even if we wish to, we fail to be happy all the time. Indeed it is a fact that no one can be happy all the time, like no one can be sad, upset or angry all the time.  


Why happiness out of all emotions?


Happiness attracts positivity and positivity is the thing that you need in your life. Being happy allows your brain to function rationally and more clearly. Happiness brings calmness; clarity of thoughts and being happy is the best state to be in.


However, happiness has become an almost unattainable state with such a chaotic life; happiness has become quite difficult to have.


But this video here brings you the classic mantras to stay happy always.


Never be dependent on anyone for your own happiness. Know that the only person that can make you happy is you and not anybody else.


Look for good things in every situation, look for positivity in everything. Know that whatever is happening is happening for a good reason and there is no need to lose heart.  


Try and stay calm in every situation.