How to Avoid Acidity and Indigestion? Follow These Diet Recommendations For Relief

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 09, 2020

It is common to face heart burns in adults caused by acid reflux whereby, some of the stomach contents are forced back up into the oesophagus creating a burning pain and sensation in the lower chest. Persistent acid reflux condition occurring more than twice a week is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Heartburn is caused when stomach acid is pushed back up into the oesophagus or food pipe that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. Causes for heartburns include changes in diet, obesity and lack of exercise. The primary symptom is revealed by a burning sensation in the throat or chest region from the stomach acid. 

It is essential to know that oesophagus or food pipe empties into the stomach where a ring-shaped muscle prevents acidic substances from entering the stomach. If you tend to over-eat, the ring-shaped structure opens in the mid facilitating entry of acidic substances into the stomach creating a burning sensation. So, it is imperative to prefer small meals at constant intervals instead of over-eating. It is also essential to control your weight and do regular exercise. Consuming more coffee weakens the diaphragm increasing chances of acid refluxes in the body. Consumption of coffee without added caffeine reduces the chances of acid refluxes. So, if you are fond of drinking excessive coffee, you must limit the consumption or cut down the caffeine content. 

Consumption of diets rich in carbohydrates can create further complications, as some amount of carbohydrates are left undigested in the body and multiplies the amount of bacteria in the stomach. This is another major reason for acid reflux. Henceforth, consumption of adequate amount of carbohydrates is essential to maintain the level of acid in the stomach and prevent heart burns. Research has established that chewing sugar free chewing gums for at least 20 minutes right after food limits the amount of acid in your oesophagus. Chewing gums help in release of saliva which reduces refluxes. Chewing gums with bicarbonate content work more effectively. 

So, if you are facing acidity at any point, you can follow these simple steps to release the pain.

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