Do You How Many Peanuts Should Be Eaten In A Day?

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 28, 2021

One of the most cherished snack items in the winter season is peanut. You would easily find a vendor selling roasted peanuts at every nook and corner considering the immense fondness of people for peanuts. These are not only tasty but also extremely nutritious. Peanuts are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to boost overall health and provide haircare and skincare benefits. But do you know how much peanuts should be ideally consumed? Anything in excess is harmful and this is why we should eat in moderation.

This video is about how much peanuts should be consumed in a day. According to experts, one can consume only a handful of peanuts daily. Also, it is suggested to consume them at the right time to reap its benefits. Peanuts are best consumed between meals to satiate the hunger pangs. These are some of the best snacks to curb hunger. Besides, you can also have peanuts during breakfast. If you love and prefer consuming peanut butter over peanuts, you can have a big spoon of peanut butter a day. Do not increase the amount as it may cause health issues. Do not have peanuts in dinner and stay away from fried peanuts as they do no good to the body. You must watch this video for more information on this.

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