Here Are 3 Best Ways To Use Apple For Glowing Skin

Skin CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 09, 2020

Apple is a delicious fruit that is filled with enormous health benefits and it should be consumed all year-long. But, have you ever thought of adding apple to your skincare routine ? You heard that right. Let us tell you how you can fight with skin problems with the help of an apple:

1. Spots on face 

You can get rid of blemishes and spots on your face by adding honey to some apple juice and using it every day. Mash the apple and add some honey to it, then apply the mix on your face. Keep it for some minutes and then wash it with cold water. This will help you in making your face spotless.

2. Dark circles 

If you are facing the problem of dark circles due to an unhealthy lifestyle, then cut and peel a slice of an apple and mash it, then add a little milk to it. Apply this mix to the puffy area of your face and on your dark circles and leave it to rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, wash your face with warm water.

3. Fresh and glowing skin 

To get flawless skin, you can your face with apple water. To make apple water, boil a few slices of an apple in water, then mash it to make a paste. Once the water cools down, wash your face with water and apply the paste under your eyes for treating black spots. After trying this for a few days, you will find your skin looking more fresh and flawless.

Using an apple in these ways on a regular basis will help in having a spotless, glowing skin. Indeed, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it also makes skin more flawless!

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