Foods Can Lower Immunity Too. Know Where To Maintain Caution

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 19, 2020

It is of extreme importance for all of us to keep the immunity strong. What makes the immunity, it is the food that we eat and what breaks is also what we eat! Hence, it is a must to understand that every food that we eat may not be an immunity booster. While some may even hamper our health in various ways. Wondering what food items we should avoid to be safe from any illness due to surrendered immunity? Watch this video right here to get the solution to this query. So let’s know which food items are one of them: 

  • Chips: We all love chips. But a packet of chips is full of fats and salt. Too much intake of salt for a long time can weaken our immune system, and can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol. So you can limit the intake of processed food to avoid these problems.
  • Sugar: High intake of processed sugar is not good for your health. More sugar than required can affect the parts of your immune system, which targets bacteria. According to experts, sugar effects the impact of White Blood Cells on bacteria, which increases the probability of falling sick. 
  • Coffee: You will be shocked to know but drinking coffee in excess is not good for you. According to experts, excess intake of caffeine reduces the production of antibody. It blocks T cells and B cells, which fights from foreign bodies attacking us and protects our body
  • Alcohol: Drinking alcohol can make us sick.  According to experts alcohol use is related to many communicable and non-communicable diseases because of which we should not consume it or moderate it while drinking. 

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