COVID-19 May Raise The Risk Of Type-1 Diabetes In Children: Study

DiabetesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 22, 2020

Can COVID-19 cause diabetes risk in children? Research so far has revealed concerns related to bone, brain and fatigue after the corona infection, but new research from Imperial College London has shown shocking facts. Due to which the world may face new kinds of troubles. Indeed, researchers have found in their studies that cases of type-1 diabetes have suddenly increased in children during the Corona period. Researchers at Imperial College, London, then tried to find out how many children suffering from type-1 are being treated at five pediatric hospitals in London. Researchers came up with some surprising results after this investigation. Researchers found that around 30 children suffering from diabetes-1 were treated between May 23 and June 4 in these five hospitals. This result was shocking.

The researchers reported that this number of children who have diabetes was twice the number of diabetic patients who usually arrive on average days. It was found that five of the children who are being treated for diabetes in the hospital had undergone corona test positive or had corona before. Apart from this, there were at least nine children who did not have a corona test. So researchers began to investigate the relationship between corona and diabetes.

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