Coronavirus Prevention Tips For Cancer Patients

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 19, 2020

People with weaker immunity are easy targets for Coronavirus. Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy have weak immunity which makes them susceptible to the novel coronavirus. They need to be extra careful with their health during this sensitive time. Doctors believe that ailing people with any serious medical condition like cancer or heart ailment or lung ailment have a poor immune system. Since COVID-19 is an autoimmune disease, it can easily target such people and make their life worse. OnlyMyHealth spoke to Dr. Namish L. Mehta from Sir Gangaram Hospital's Surgical Gastroenterology department about the threat of Coronavirus on cancer patients. He shared a lot of information that is compiled in this video. You must watch it to know the important measures that cancer patients need to take in order to prevent themselves from this lethal virus attack. They should not step outside until it is very important as being inside a safe place like home is the only way to prevent this virus.

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