Coronavirus Outbreak: Here's What This Doctor Has To Say About The Myths And Facts Of COVID-19

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMar 09, 2020

The novel coronavirus has been reported with death cases, and while the virus is spreading across various countries, so are the rumours. Dr Vivek Nangia, Director of Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, busts some viral myths. Some of them are:

1# Common antibiotics can cure the new coronavirus: The coronavirus is a mutated virus. The antibiotics attack bacteria but not viruses since they are antibacterial. Hence antibiotics are avoided. But in case there is a secondary infection along with the virus, then you can consume these medicines.

2# Vaccines against pneumonia protect against the new coronavirus: These vaccines can protect you only from pneumonia bacteria. Pneumonia can happen through viruses or bacteria. There are different types of pneumonia viruses, and only certain vaccines work for these specifically. So there is no relation with them. The recent influenza vaccines do not provide any protection against coronavirus.

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3# Coronavirus is spread from animal meat: Whether it’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it cannot be spread through the meat. There is no side effect, but keep in mind not to consume raw meat and should be cooked appropriately.

4# Eating Garlic can treat coronavirus: This is irrational to the virus. They may build your immune systems due to antioxidant properties, but there is no role when it comes to treating coronavirus.

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