Best Dry Fruits To Have in Winters and Tips To Have Them

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 06, 2020

Most people love eating dry fruits but do you know what are the best dry fruit combinations? Yes, there are a few best dry fruit combos that you can consider and get benefitted. The body demands warmth during winters and therefore consuming warming dry fruits is recommended. however, most people do not know which fruits are warm and what foods have a cold tendency. In this video, we have included the best dry fruits combination for winters. Raisins and Almond- This combination is the best for digestive health. You can have these when you need an instant energy boost. Besides, you can add these to oats, dalia or any other sweet porridge. Pistachios and Dates- These are very warm dry fruits that control cholesterol and keep blood sugar in check. Fig and apricot- These are great for skin and are counted as low-calorie dry fruits. You can have these in their dehydrated state as well.

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