Best diet to lose weight after pregnancy

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 15, 2013

According to our Expert Dr. Manjeet Arora, Obstrician and Gynecologist a woman should have an optimal weight before she is accessed for pregnancy. Pregnancy may bring some obvious weight gain, however obese women are usually told not gain much weight during pregnancy. Ideal weight gain during pregnancy can be anything from 6 kgs to11 kgs, while some women may gain up to 15 kgs -22 kgs. The expert dispels the myth that a pregnant woman must eat for two and recommends a balanced diet during pregnancy. The weight gain should be ideal as it's very difficult to lose post pregnant weight and may require lot of hard work. Crash diet isn't recommended even after six months of delivery due to lactation. Watch this video to know the best diet to lose weight after pregnancy.