5 Exercises To Transform Your Body

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 08, 2019

This World Health Day, your trusted health channel gets you 5 simple exercises to totally transform your body. If you have been waiting for a motivation to start working out- this is it! Saurabh Kulkarni, who is an instructor at the Heal Institute shared a few tips and exercises.

Today I will talk about a few basic exercises which form a basis of anyone's fitness routine. These are 


You have to perform the squat with weight. While performing a squat make sure that your feet are hip wide apart. You have to hold a dumbbell in the middle of your part just below the chin. Then you have to sit down imagining that you are sitting down on a chair. While sitting down your elbows should touch the tip of your knees. You will feel like you are pushing down your heels on the floor. Then you have to stand up. A squat is the king of all the exercises especially the lower body exercises because it covers almost all the muscles present in your lower body.  


A lunge is similar to squat as it works out on similar muscles that squats do. But it is a single leg exercise in which you step forward with one leg and load your body weight on that particular leg and you drive through your heels, pushing your heels down in the ground and finally come back in the standing position. It is an excellent exercise for your individual limb and the entire lower body.

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A hinge

This exercise is a bent over row. You can use a dumbbell in this exercise. In this exercise, you have to keep your feet hip-width apart. Make sure that you are leaning forward with your torso parallel to the ground and keep your arms parallel to the knees. While performing the exercise try to squeeze your shoulder blades behind when the dumbbell is coming parallel to the thighs. It will strengthen your entire back as well as biceps muscles. 

Push and pull

This exercise mimics pushing. One can use dumbbells again. Lie down on your back with dumbbells straight over your chest. Now brings the dumbbells downs to form a ninety-degree angle with your arms with your triceps parallel to the ground. Make sure that you do not put too much stress on your shoulders. It is the best exercise for your upper body muscles including your chest, shoulders and your triceps muscles.

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This might sound the easiest exercise but is a very important exercise that a lot of people ignore. You have to carry some weight on one side and walk very slowly and take 15-20 steps and then turn back. Again take 15-20 steps slowly. Carry helps in strengthening the core and also helps you to walk in an efficient manner.

All these exercises can be done with heavier weight or lighter weight. You can choose the repetition range that you want to follow according to your age and energy levels.

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