4 Useful Ways To Treat Pimples After Threading

Skin CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 06, 2021

Beauty care is a priority for many people. However, very few people actually take the efforts to follow any routines for the same. Many women get their threading done after a few weeks or months. This becomes a habit and need after sometime. You might have noticed that post threading, a lot of pimples start developing on your face. If you are also combating the same problem, here are some ways to treat them: 

1. Use rose water 

Firstly, you always have to remember to wash your face with lukewarm water, right after threading. You can even wash your face using rose water. Besides this, you can also apply ice on your eyebrows. This will give a cooling sensation to your face and will also help in removing all the cuts and pimples on your face. Moreover, using ice will eliminate the burning too. 

2. Don't take steam 

Steam treatment is absolutely restricted after threading. And, the usage of any cosmetic product should also be avoided as they have chemical compounds present in them, that can be negative for your skin.  So, do not take steam after getting your threading done. 

3. Apply cream 

Post threading, you should apply cream or lotion on your face. In fact, you can take the help of cinnamon water in such cases. This will reduce the burning sensation and the risks of developing pimples. It will keep your skin moisturized and protected. 

4. Use powder

Another way to treat pimples after threading is applying powder. Just like ice, powder can also provide a slight cooling sensation to your skin. You can also use toothpaste for spot treatment. However, don't leave it in your skin for a long time as it can cause skin damage. 

Therefore, follow these tips to cure post threading pimples on your skin. You will surely get good results within a few minutes of trying these remedies. And, these natural ways don't have any side effects so you can use them every time after threading. 

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