Loss Of Appetite: Reasons And Treatment Tips

By Md Ijaj Khan
2023-01-30,20:30 IST

The first need of our body is food. Food gives us strength and nutrition to work. But today's stressful lifestyle has spoiled our eating habits. So, here are some tips for managing the loss of appetite and the reasons behind it.

Reasons: Bacteria

Bacteria or virus is one of the biggest reasons for loss of appetite. Loss of appetite can be anywhere due to bacterial, viral, fungal or other infections.

Due To Medicines

Consuming any medicine regularly for any disease can also cause loss of appetite. Some medicines that affect your appetite include antibiotics, painkillers, etc.

Psychological Factors

Depression, anxiety, nervousness, and stress all the time are some that can affect a person's appetite.

Long-Term Treatments

Long-term treatment of any disease can also cause loss of appetite.


The first step in treating the problem of loss of appetite is to find and treat the underlying cause of the problem. Therefore, some lifestyle modifications also can help.

You should be aware of the things behind your loss of appetite and treat them on time. Hence, If the problem persists more prolonged than usual and becomes severe, see a doctor immediately.