Does Fish Oil Supplement Helps in bodybuilding?

By Md Ijaj Khan
2022-09-13,17:00 IST

What Is Fish Oil?

Fish oil supplements are extracted from fish known as salmon, tuna, mackerel, and trout which contain fatty acids like omega-3. Click on the slides to know the benefits and many more.

Speeds Up Your Recovery Time

Fish oil is known to possess anti-inflammatory attributes, which can be extremely beneficial before or after a workout.

Repairs Muscle Tissues

It reduces muscle soreness, decreases joint pain, and accelerates your body’s process of repairing tiny tears in your muscles.

Burn Excess Fat

Fish oil pills have been associated with increased metabolism, which in turn burns fat more quickly than a slower metabolism.

Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Fish oil can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level and lower your risk of a heart attack.

Speed up Recovery from Injuries

When you take fish oil, your muscle inflammation decreases, making you less prone to strains and sprains.


When taken as directed, fish oil supplements are considered safe but there are side effects too. However, Check with your doctor before starting the supplement.