5 Antihistamine Foods To Reduce Allergy Symptoms

By Md Ijaj Khan
2023-01-31,12:45 IST

Due to changes in weather, the rate and composition of dust and pollen increase daily. Due to this, the risk of seasonal allergies arises. Here are some foods that will help provide antihistamine-like effects.

Green Tea

A natural dose of antihistamine prevents developing allergies. A cup of green tea in the morning reduces the problem of sneezing, which causes due to pollen and dust allergies.

Oranges And Strawberries

Vitamin C is essential to control allergies. It also contains other substances like omega-3 fatty acids and quercetin, which help prevent histamine.


Garlic blocks the production of chemicals that can cause allergies. Eating two cloves in the morning proves beneficial for allergy-prone people.


This miraculous Indian spice has strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps curb allergies.

Nuts And Seeds

A handful of nuts equals three ounces of salmon. Flax seed also contains selenium, which has anti-allergic properties.

Incorporate these antihistamine foods into your diet to curb seasonal allergies and protect your body from harmful infections. If you have any serious issues, see a doctor immediately.