6 Oil Combinations To Increase Hair Growth

By Chanchal Sengar
30 July 2022

Oils for hair growth

Oil massage is an effective way to promote hair growth. Here are some hair oil combinations that work wonders for hair.

Olive oil & Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for hair growth properties. Mix it with nourishing olive oil and apply on your hair to increase hair growth.

Almond Oil & Neem Oil

If you have dandruff, you should use neem oil and almond oil together to combat dandruff and aid hair growth.

Olive oil & Amla Oil

Amla is nourishing for hair and mixing it with olive oil doubles up the benefits. Mix one parts of each oil and apply.

Coconut Oil & Hibiscus

Take hibiscus flower extract or heat some petals in coconut oil. Apply this infused oil on your scalp twice a week.

Lavender Oil & Onion

Onion juice is great for hair fall. Mix onion juice, lavender oil and coconut oil in 2:1:2 ratio. Massage this oil into your scalp.

Coconut Oil & Peppermint Oil

For scalp infections and dandruff, mix 2-3 drops of peppermint oil in coconut oil and massage gently to your scalp.


Using these oil combinations 2-3 times a week will increase hair growth. This also helps strengthening roots to prevent hair fall.