understand juvenile arthritis

understand juvenile arthritis

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Understand Juvenile Arthritis
  • What causes Juvenile Arthritis?

    What causes Juvenile Arthritis?

    The exact cause of most forms of juvenile arthritis is not well understood. Currently there is no evidence to suggest that foods, toxins, allergies or vitamin deficiencies play a role in any type of juvenile arthritis.

  • What does Juvenile Arthritis mean?

    What does Juvenile Arthritis mean?

    The term Juvenile arthritis (JA) describes the different autoimmune and inflammatory arthritis in children (less than 16 years of age). Arthritis affects joints and the term “arthritis” literally means joint inflammation.

  • Juvenile arthritis life expectancy

    Juvenile arthritis life expectancy

    If your child has arthritis don’t despair because living with juvenile arthritis can be difficult for the child and you, but all is not lost.

  • When to call a doctor for Juvenile Arthritis

    When to call a doctor for Juvenile Arthritis

    Parents and caregivers often tend to overlook symptoms of arthritis in children as it is considered as problem of the elderly.

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