When do you need extraction of tooth

Dental HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 04, 2016

In this video Dr. Neeraj A. Verma, senior dental surgery consultant at Apollo tells you about the right time of getting a tooth extraction done. As per Dr. Neeraj, when the amount of cavities becomes so much that it becomes difficult to restore the tooth and removal of the tooth remains the only option. However, if the cavity is detected on earlier stages, it can be repaired without any removal. In some severe cases, where a deep cavity has been detected, the tooth can be saved with a treatment called root canal treatment, where it can be restored and repaired. Then there are some cases where people suffer periodontal disease, in which the teeth become so loose while the jawbones dissolve, gums swell and the conditions worsens up so much that the teeth are required to be extracted. Then there are certain other conditions where braces are required to straighten the teeth and in this case, some teeth are extracted so that the brace fits perfectly. Another case where tooth extraction becomes necessary is when people grow out wisdom tooth and the tooth does not grow straight or aligned with other teeth. These are the few reasons where extraction becomes important