What To Feed Your Baby When He Is Sick?

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 07, 2020

When your baby is sick and down with fever, it becomes all the way more important to take good care of them. Giving the right diet along with home care and medicines is necessary. When a child is sick, he becomes irritated and stubborn. During such times, it becomes difficult to feed them let alone give healthy and bland food. Sickness is due to poor immunity and therefore, you need to fed the baby immunity-booster foods that help his body fight the hostile virus and bacteria and regain health. In this video, we are telling you some light and immunity-boosting meals that you can give the child in fever. Some of these foods are- Daal Khichdi or lentil porridge which is light, easy-to-digest and healthy. Mashed sweet potatoes, daliya, puree of fruits and vegetables(preferably seasonal). Above all, if you have a toddler, breastfeed him as mother’s milk is the ultimate medicine for a child. You must consult a doctor if the condition seems to not come under control.

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