What to do if burns injuries happen

Festival FeverBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 26, 2016

Lighting firecrackers and lamps during Diwali can cause accidental burns and injuries to both children and adult. Yes, every year cases of burns and accidents during Diwali are a very common scenario. Kids lighting firecrackers on their own are prone to accidental burns but then cases where adults have burnt themselves accidentally while lighting firecrackers are another very common scenario. Sometimes people lighting lamps get burnt, yes; a little bit of carelessness can cause major burns. People tend to wear clothes made of synthetic that surely look good but can catch fire. Therefore one must avoid wearing synthetic clothes and should wear cotton clothes.

Now, even after taking all the safety measures, you accidentally burn yourself or you see someone with accidental burns, you can try all the tips shown in this video. If you have accidentally burnt yourself, do not panic at all. The first and foremost measure should be to douse the burnt area with some cold water and then you can use some ice cubes to cool the burnt area and once the cooling is done, apply some Aloe Vera on the burnt area, you can extract the Aloe Vera gel from an Aloe plant in your home or in your neighborhood. If you have silver sulfadiazine at home, you can also apply that on the burnt areas, it is an ointment and is easily available on any pharmacist and if the burn is major, take the kid or adult to a doctor.


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