What are signs I need to go to the dentist

Dental HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 04, 2016

There are times when we are suffering from a dental problem and do not even realize it. Yes, other medical conditions have signs and symptoms but when it comes to oral health, people don’t realize until it is too late and the condition has aggravated. Many a times, the severe condition of teeth can make your teeth come out or even worse oral and dental conditions may follow. However, how would one know if there is any dental problem? What are the signs that indicate that it’s time for an appointment with dentist? In this video, Dr. Neeraj A. Verma tells us the right way of determining any oral or dental problem on our own.

As per his instructions, stand in front of a mirror daily and open your mouth widely to see if there are any cavities present. We should also see if there are any deposits on our teeth, some stuff surfacing our teeth. We should also be alert about the sensitivity in gums while eating something sweet, hot or cold. Even if you are having a bad breath, you must know that it is a sign of worsening oral health. We should also have appointment with dentists time to time.