Symptoms of Dengue

Communicable DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 26, 2016

Although monsoon or rainy seasons are most fun seasons of year but even this fun is very brief with all the diseases that rainy seasons bring. Most of the diseases are because of the mosquitoes that start breeding in the stationary water of monsoons. Mosquitoes that breed in monsoon often spread some of the most dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Now, dengue is one disease that can actually be lethal if not taken care of at the right time. What is dengue? Dengue fever is a tropical disease that is spread by the bite of certain species types of Aedes mosquito, but primarily A. aegypti. Dengue should be treated at the right time with the right diagnosis and the prime trouble that is faced while treating dengue is its symptoms that mimic many other diseases. For example, dengue starts with high fever, and the common tendency of people is to treat fevers at home, which sometimes can turn terminal if the sufferer has dengue. So, it is important to read the pattern of all the symptoms that dengue has, people must be able to recognize the symptoms of dengue to treat it at time and accordingly. Now, the symptoms of dengue are high fever, which is said to be the most primary symptoms. A sufferer will always have high fever first, which can last up to a week and then other symptoms will start surfacing like pain in muscles and joints and the extreme intensity of pain could be unbearable. Sufferer might have rashes as well, starting from feet and then covering the entire body. Another very terminal symptom is fall in blood platelets. It could also result in dengue hemorrhagic fever if not recognized on time.