Baby Care: Here Are Some Experts Tips For Changing Diaper

Newborn CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 05, 2021

If babies' diapers are not changed on time, then they have a diaper rash problem due to wetness. The baby's first year after delivery is very challenging for the mother because this is when the mother has to understand the baby's needs without speaking. Simultaneously, the mother has to make her guess about the hunger and the need for a diaper change without saying. To reduce your difficulty, today, we will tell you through this article that when and how often a child's diaper should be changed according to age.

When should diaper be changed?

Whenever you feel that your child's diaper has become wet, change it immediately. Urine or faeces can cause infection to the infant, and its treatment can cause discomfort to the child. Whenever the child wakes up to sleep, then check his diaper. No need to wake the child from sleep to change a diaper. The baby's diaper should be checked even before feeding. Just change the diaper just before sleeping at night. The newborn must urinate within one to 3 hours and after drinking milk. Do not wait for the diaper to become too wet or heavy to change. Keep checking for a short time whether the baby's diaper is wet or not, and according to his routine, schedule some time to change the diaper.

Newborn to one month old: A newborn baby needs diapers more than older children. Babies younger than one month need at least 6 to 10 diapers a day. At this age, children potty about three to four times and urinate almost every hour, so you need many diapers in the initial month.

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