Meditation- Thinking to Feeling

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 19, 2016

Thinking and feeling, two sides of a coin


Now, thinking and feeling are two different things entirely. When you think of something, you just think of it, it is just a fragment of your imagination. Thinking remains till your brain and does not have any effect, impact on your being or existence. For e.g. you are thinking about someone, you would just have images of them floating in front of your eyes; have images in your brain and nothing more than that but when you are feeling about someone, you are actually having emotions fill you, emotions such as love, hatred, sadness. Feeling is when you picture someone, you are filled with either hatred, or love or sadness pr other various emotions.



Transpiring from thinking to feeling via meditation


When you meditate, you invoke the presence of deity or whatever you wish to conjure. You wait for the experience to surface in you is your heart, you concentrate until you start feeling it in your heart. You make your heart the centre and try to feel with your heart the presence of whatever you were thinking of. The thinking at that time turns into feeling, the feeling that you embrace with your heart. It becomes a process where you, from thinking move forward towards feeling. After you have started feeling the presence you will start transpiring from thinking. The presence is no more just a fragment of your imagination but it is there, present in your heart, you can feel it, you are thinking about it but at the same time it is real for you because you are feeling it. You start experiencing the divinity inside your heart.