How to deal with an abusive relationship

SnrBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 03, 2016

Many a time you get into a relationship, not giving much thought about all the stages that the relationship might pass from. Yes, when you are getting into a relationship with someone, you must understand that there will be many things that you will have to face and some of those things will not be very pleasant. Yes, not all relationships are about love, respect, care and positivity, there are relationships that have disrespect, jealousy, obliviousness and negativity. Yes, good relationships are where you have respect, care, love and positivity for your partner while there are relationships where you have no respect for your partner; there is no care, no love and no positivity whatsoever, on the top of everything, you have to deal with abusive relationship.


What is an abusive relationship?


An abusive relationship is where your partner hurts you physically or emotionally. Yes, physical abuse in a relationship is a very normal scenario these days. The worst part of being in an abusive relationship is that you do not realize that you are being abused until you start transforming into someone else; there are changes in your personality. Physical and emotional abuse in a relationship often breaks you down mentally and that is why you must deal with it while you have time. There will be times when the one being abused will have an unknown attraction towards the abuser, which worsens up the whole thing.


Ways to deal with an abusive relationship


  • You must not allow yourself to be abused, neither physically nor mentally. It is not about the relationship anymore, it is about your own life. You must respect yourself enough to walk out on your abuser.
  • Convince yourself that there is no point in being in an abusive relationship is going to do no good.