How Essential Is It To Burp Your Baby After Feeding?

Newborn CareBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 28, 2020

Knowing what to feed your baby is as important as how to feed your baby. The baby's grip, taking the breast in the mouth to drink milk, and then belching are all necessary for good nutrition of the baby (besides knowing the importance of these factors also make the work more manageable). Babies even swallow air bubbles while drinking milk, and this is the reason they belch. Since they are in a critical state, it is essential to teach them how to burp correctly.

What is belching?

Infants tend to swallow air bubbles while breastfeeding or feeding on bottles. These air bubbles get trapped in the baby's digestive system, causing them to get upset and produce gas in their stomach. Belching is a gas removal process of the digestive system through the mouth. However, there are other reasons why air bubbles reach the baby's digestive system, some of which are discussed below.

How babies swallow air bubbles?

  • While Feeding: Babies need to continuously breastfeed/bottle-feed milk due to which air bubbles can enter their digestive system while drinking milk.
  • Feeding: This condition is suitable for a child who has already started taking solid food. Some foods make gas during digestion in the intestine.
  • Allergies: Allergies or intolerance to certain food types can also cause gas in the baby's stomach.

When to get medical advice?

It is mandatory to seek medical advice if your baby has 100.4-degree fever, blood in diarrhoea or excessive gas. If the infant has a gas problem but is eating the right amount, there is no cause for concern. Babies usually tend to burp because their digestive system is still developing. If he is not belching, make sure he bursts.

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