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How to Handle Teething Problems in Children

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2010-08-18
Dr. Asha Sharma, Gynecologist, Rockland Hospital, New Delhi says that teething is a very painful process for any child. Gums of the child are soft and tender. While teething redness occurs in their gums, they become swollen and itchy. If you touch the child’s mouth, it causes pain and irritation to him. The child keeps crying due to the continuous pain. Numerous medications and syrups are available to relieve the teething pain. Teething gels can also be used to cure the pain. During teething the child wants to rub his teeth and gums continuously. Nowadays hard biscuits are available which are especially designed for teething children. These biscuits are safe and do not pose any problem if the child swallows it
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