Head Injury In Babies? Here Are Some Signs To Look For

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 28, 2020

Mild bumps and scratches are part of childhood. It is quite common for infants to injure themselves while seeing new things, and soon they become routine. However, if the baby hits his head faster than anything, he may have a concussion. The stroke must be known beforehand so that you can meet your baby's doctor and take the necessary steps to cure it quickly. If your baby has the following signs, take him immediately to the emergency unit of the doctor or your nearest hospital:

  • Bleeding does not stop even if the wound is lightly pressed. If the blood does not stop even after five minutes of pressing, then take it to the doctor immediately, maybe he needs to get stitches.
  • There is pink liquid or bleeding from his nose or ears.
  • Constant vomiting. It is usual for the baby to vomit once after a severe head injury. But if he vomits two or three times then talk to the doctor.
  • Motor skills problems associated with hand and foot movement. Any changes in the baby's everyday activities, such as not being able to balance while sitting, awkwardly kneeling, etc., should not be ignored. Take him to the doctor.

In most cases, head injury is not severe. To reduce the lump, apply an ice pack for two to five minutes. Do this periodically for about an hour. During this period, breastfeeding or feeding the infant will not focus on cold and incontinence. Do not give any medicine to the child without asking the doctor.

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