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Female Condoms Vs Male Condoms

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2013-04-29T00:00:00+5:30
The male and the female condoms can both be used for your advantage; they can preventing you from sexually transmitted diseases and can also act as contraception. Even though both the condoms are available without any prescription, the male ones are more in use. One of the main reasons being that the male condom is easier to wear than the female one; it can be difficult to get the technique right for a female condom. Another possible factor could be that the male condoms are easily available and are very cost effective, whereas the female condoms cost more. Then the female condoms come in just one size, the make ones comes in all sizes, colours and even flavours. Male condoms can also be used with spermicides, and so are more luring for users. Male and female condoms do not have any side effects and the efficacy is very good.
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