Get Slim Nose and Beautiful Smile With Face Yoga

YogaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 17, 2022

Face yoga is an extremely powerful tool to shape your features be it nose, cheeks or jawline. In this video, Face Yoga Expert Mansi Gulati is showing some yoga poses for a sharp nose. If you have a broad nose, you must try these face yoga exercises to slim down your nose. 

Tease Twist Pose

This pose strengthens muscles, boosts blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body. You can shape your nose and smile with this exercise. This also enhances glow of your face. Tease your one side and twist your face to the left side.

Nose Accu Point Pose

This pose is great for people with breathing troubles. Apart from shaping nose. it also reduces nasal allergy by opening the blocked nasal passages.

Jaw dropping pose

This face yoga pose activates muscles, reduces toxins and boosts blood circulation to get a natural glow on the face. Put your index fingers on the ends of your smile and slowly drop your jaws hiding your teeth.

These yoga poses help in nose shaping and refining smile. You should do these regularly to see visible differences.